Glen Helen waters its tracks with fire hoses from an underground system and water trucks on the flats. Here, John Allen sprays water over a vegetation-covered bank to hit the track below.  Photo by Debbi Tamietti


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Dominic Desimone’s 2-1 took the 450 Pro victory over Preston Tilford’s  1-2. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

As the 2023 Dubya World Vet Motocross Championship approachs, more riders are trying to get in some preparations before the  big event. This week at “Saturday at Glen,” 223 racers showed up to get some hot laps in before the big weekend. “Saturday at the Glen” is the upper track at Glen Helen, built on the exact spot where the Arroyo Cycle Park sat in the 1970s—which is why it is called the Arroyo track—as opposed to the more famous Glen Helen National track.

Preston. Tilford (491) grabs the lead in the 450 Pro class with Benny Breck (31) in second. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

And if you can’t ride on the National track, where the World Vet will be held, the Arroyo track is a good substitute. It has big hills, lots of off-camber turns and the same dirt. It also gets rough, especially on the Mt. Whitney downhill , where it mimics how rough the National track gets on the Mt. Saint Helen downhill. In fact, on Saturday, they had to take a break in the races to send the Cat out to smooth out the Mt. Whitney downhill as it reached near impossible levels of roughness.

Brian Medeiros (934) uses his small size and lightweight to help his Suzuki RM-Z450 compete in the 450 Pro class. Brian went 5-3.. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Think of it this way, if 223 riders can make the Arroyo track “Code Four” rough, just imagine what 1000 riders are going to do to the National track with its bigger and faster hills. Glen Helen will not open the complete, massive, 3:00 minute lap time, World Vet layout for riders to ride on until Friday, Nov. 3. Leading up to that day, the regular Tuesday and Thursday practice days will run on modified sections of the normal practice track layout (no canyon, no big downhills and no crossing over to the “Saturday at the Glen” side of the park).

Aryton Ward (797) won the 250 Pro class with a 1-1.  Photo by Dan Alamangos

The only riders who will get a preview of the full World Vet track, will be riders who are entered in the 2023 Dubya World Vet Championship. The first reveal of the complete track will be on Friday. Plus, there will be no minis, no riders under the age of 25, no riders who aren’t officially racing the World Vet and no spectators in the infield or on top of the Log Cabin turn.

Obviously, many time British National Champion and World Vet Champion Kurt Nicoll has recovered from a recent injury as he won both motos of the Over-50 Expert class. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

What follows are the photos that Debbi Tamietti and Dan Alamangos shot of Saturday’s race. Enjoy!

6D helmets’ Robert Reisinger (96) took the Over-60 Expert class victory. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Belgian-born Luc De Ley (99) raced MXA’s 2024 KTM 300SX to third in the Over-60 Experts behind Reisinger and Ed Guajardo.. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Famous Italian racer Val Tamietti was aiming for double wins by racing the Over-60 Experts and the Over-65 Experts, both classes that he has won many times before. However, his 5-5 in the Over-60s and 1-5 in the Over-65s left him empty handed. Mama mia! Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Will Harper (7) was the surprise winner in the Over-65 Expert class. It was a surprise because Will finished 4th in the first moto , while Bob Rutten won. But, when Rutten crashed late in the second moto, while leading, Harper came through to win with a 4-1 . Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Here, late in the second Over-65 Expert moto, Will Harper (7)  leads Dave Eropkin (811)  as they lap Australian David Harrison (37). Photo by Dan Alamangos.

Jody Weisel (82), Randel Fout (43), and Bob Rutten (83) come over a rise together. There were 25 riders in the Over-65/70 classes on Saturday. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Speedway racer Randy Skinner (38) went 1-2 to win the Over-65 Intermediate class on a 2024 GasGas MC250F instead of his normal GasGas MC350F. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Out of the 223 riders at “Saturday at the Glen,” Bruce Ashmore (111) was one of five riders with number 111 on their bikes. He was fifth in the Over-65 Intermediate class. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Hollywood stunt co-ordinator Mic Rodgers (115) swept both motos of the Over-70 class. “Saturday at the Glen” only started having an  Over-70 class a month ago when they realized that most of the racers in the Over-65 class were actually over 70. Kent Reed (491) and Aussie David Harrison (37) were remnants from the Over-65 class. Photo by Dan Alamangos

Lars Larsson (12) flew in from Sweden to get in a couple motos before the upcoming World Vet Championship. At 82 years old, Lars already has World Vet Championships in the  Over-80 class in 2021, Over-70 class in  2011 and 2012 and the Over-60 class in 2001. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Never look back, because it might scare you. Dennis Stapleton (184) never saw the crash taking place behind him.  Photo by Dan Alamangos.

Alison Bushnell (13) easily won the Women’s class with a 1-1, while husband Shawn (804) went 2-2 in the Over-40 Experts. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Emily Cloud (891) went 3-8  for sixth in the  Women’s class, while Catherine Roome (111) was the highest placing rider with 111 on their bikes with a 4-2 day for third overall in the Women’s class.  Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Pasha Afshar (L7) and Australian Dan Alamangos dueled in both motos of the Over-Expert class with Dan edging out Pasha for tenth.  Photo by Debbi TamiettI

Raul Sagredo (52) and teammate Jorge Gonzales came from Guatemala to race at Glen Helen. Raul finished 7th in the 450 Novice class and Jorge went 1-2 in the Over-40 Intermediate class. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

There is probably an interesting story as to why “Slow Pickle” with number 241 on his jersey was really “Johnny Chavez” with number 10 on his bike. Johnny went 6-5 for fifth in the Over-50 Novice class.. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Manny Olidem (211) won the 450 Novice class with a 2-1 in front of Nathan Dean’s 3-2. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Jack Lavancil (134) might have been a week early for the 24 hours of Glen Helen, but he styled for awhile on his way to second in the Over-60 Novice class. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Bryan Roberts (4) went 5-2 for second in the Over-60 Intermediates (in a three-way points tie with George Andrews and Lonnie Paschal). Photo by Debbi Tamietti

David Harrison (37) comes from New Hay, Australia, every year to race the World Vet Championship. His luggage always contains Tim Tams and Violet Crumble for homesick US-Based Aussies. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Christian Granados (147) gets a little loose on this downhill sweeper in the  65cc Junior Cycle class. Christian would go 1-2, but lose the top spot to Keegan West’s 2-1. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Austin Tilley (25) shows a lot of style on his GasGas MC50. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

Caylee Costa (406) was fourth in the PW50 Pee-Wee class. Photo by Debbi Tamietti

If you are looking for a racing organization that offers long motos, low cost and very consistent race schedule—this is it. “Saturday at the Glen” motocross almost through the 25-race 2023 season—with only three races left in 2023. Pre-entry is only $30 ($25 for minis). Post entry on the day of the race is $40 ($30 for minis). The Gate fee is only $10 (per person). You can sign up on the internet for the next “Saturday at the Glen” motocross as late as the Friday before the race and save money (or just show up in person on race day). The next “Saturday at the Glen” race is on the Arroyo track on Saturday, November 18 (after the 24 Hours of Glen Helen and the World Vet Motocross Championship) and December 9 and December 16.

It not unusual to find a racer who has been racing since the 1960s, it’s amazing to find two racers who are still racing each other after all those years. Jody Weisel (left) and Lars Larsson (right) are inseparable on the track. Photo by Debbi Tamietti


Nov. 3-5…World Vet Championship (National track)
Nov. 18…Winter Series #3 (National track)
Dec. 9…Winter Series #4 (Arroyo Vet track)
Dec. 16…Winter Series #5 (National track)

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