WHAT IS IT? The Mr. Wolf Mousse Balls are a segmented mousse replacement for the traditional mousse foam tube. It uses 22 foam inserts to install a full mousse tube.

WHAT’S IT COST? $189.99 (Each wheel).

CONTACT? or (866) 252-8772. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Mr. Wolf Mousse Balls.

(1) Design. Thanks to the innovative and patented sector structure (also known as “balls”), you can completely customize your tire’s hardness to suit the terrain you are riding on while providing no-flat confidence. 

(2) Concept. Mr. Wolf Mousse Balls use patented sector structure technology to achieve a higher surface/volume ratio. Mr. Wolf claims that the operating temperatures can drop up to 33 percent. Furthermore, the complete absence of vibration reduces tire overheating, which increases the feel of the tire. The Mousse Ball design has a longer life span and can be regenerated over time by adding the two new balls contained in the package.

(3) Reliability. The tire balls were a surprise to the MXA test riders during testing. After 12 engine hours, 260 miles and two sets of tires, these Mousse Balls haven’t felt any softer than when they were first installed. We originally had questioned the lifespan of the Mousse Balls, but after a 200-mile off-road cross-country enduro through rocky terrain, we learned that our setup was barely broken in. 

(4) Installation. Installation of the Mr. Wolf Mousse Balls is slightly simpler than installing a full mousse tube. but all mousse installations are a bit of a wrestling match. The balls make it a breeze because we only had to insert a 4-inch section at a time; this was easier to deal with than a full mousse tube. Every box of Mousse Balls comes with a tube of “mousse juice,” which is a silicone-based lube to keep your Mousse Balls lasting longer.  

(5) Performance. We wanted an intermediate feel because we intended to use the Mousse Balls-equipped wheels for both off-road and motocross. The intermediate setup did not create any front-tire roll on a motocross track, but did allow plenty of rear-tire flex and gave us the no-flat confidence to smash into square-edge bumps at any speed without deflection.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? It was time-consuming and messy to individually lubricate each of the balls.

MXA RATING: Most motocrossers don’t want to fuss with a bib mousse because of the tough installation process, plus they prefer the feel that traditional air-filled tubes already give you. If you are a rider who likes to dabble in motocross and off-road, we recommend running bib mousses all the time. The Mr. Wolf Mousse Balls offer a customizable and long-lasting tire feel.



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