WHAT IS IT? The D.I.D 520MX chain boasts the highest-rated tensile strength of non-sealed chains manufactured in Japan,  with a top-notch range of options for any of your motocross or motorcycle needs.

WHAT’S IT COST? $131.66 (only available in 110 and 120 links).

CONTACT?, (615) 323-4020 or see your local dealership.

FACTS & FIGURES? The 100-link D.I.D 520MX chain weighs 3.43 pounds and its tensile strength is 8,930 pounds.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the D.I.D 520MX chain.

(1) Installation. Removing links from the D.I.D 520MX is as easy as any standard chain and requires only a standard chain breaker. The 520MX is available as a master-link-style chain. 

(2) Durability. Thanks to its high-tensile strength, the D.I.D 520MX is MXA’s go-to chain for the 450cc to 500cc bikes for racing disciplines from motocross to cross-country to enduro to Baja racing. D.I.D recommends starting with new sprockets to help prolong the life of the chain. Every new chain has a break-in period where the chain will stretch a few millimeters in the first few hours of riding. Other durability factors are the track conditions and the skill level of the rider. 

D.I.D makes a variety of chains, so you should try to pick the right chain for your preferred riding conditions. The budget-friendly D.I.D 520 DZ2 chain retails for half that of the 520MX and has a tensile strength of 7,870 pounds and is well suited to local racers. In California, the MXA wrecking crew have been pleased with the durability offered by the 520MX chain. 

(3) When to replace. The non-sealed D.I.D 520MX chain has a recommended maximum stretch of 2 percent of the overall length. Rust, stiff links, tight chains or poor maintenance will prematurely shorten the life of the chain. If you find excessive elongation or abnormal noise during use, replace the chain and sprockets at the same time.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The only squawk is that high-end chains are not positioned as cost-effective products for the people who need the best chains the most. When you follow their instructions and change the sprockets every time you mount a new chain, it puts a big dent in your wallet.

MXA RATING: As professional racers and full-time test riders, the D.I.D 520MX chain was everything that MXA hoped for. It gave MXA test riders confidence in one of the most important parts on your bike.



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