WHAT IS IT? TM Designworks has dominated the aftermarket chain guide business for decades, thanks to its clean designs, rugged durability and proprietary memory-return plastic formula. It is not uncommon for a racer who buys a new bike to take the TM Designworks chain guide off his old bike and mount it on his shiny new steed. Now TM Designworks has a new version of its venerable chain guide. It is the Factory Edition FX. We installed it on our 2024 KTM 350SXF, but TM Designworks makes FX versions for all 2022–2024 KTMs, 2022–2024 Husqvarnas and 2024 GasGas models. It comes in black, blue, red and orange, and all four colors will fit on any of the Austrian brands.   

WHAT’S IT COST? $117.95 (chain guide), $34.95 (replacement wear pads).

CONTACT? (541) 772-4161 or

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the TM Designworks Factory Edition FX chain guide.

(1) Stealth design. At first glance, the Factory Edition FX chain guide looks like every other TM Designworks chain guide has looked over the years, but it’s not. It is a smaller and sleeker iteration of the same theme. The leading edges and bottom profile are beveled and rounded off to let it slide over rocks and debris (and the mounting bolts are recessed into the plastic to keep them out of harm’s way). 

(2) Special plastic. Over the years, TM Designworks has perfected a plastic compound that is infused with an oil additive to reduce friction. Additionally, the plastic has impact return memory. If it hits something on the track or in a crash, it returns to its original shape. The plastic formula is even UV protected to keep the color from fading in the sun. The Factory Edition FX chain guide has ample clearance for standard or O-ring chains.

(3) Replaceable wear pads. TM Designworks’ FX chain guide comes with a replaceable wear pad that is held in place with the supplied hardware. The $34.95 wear pads can be installed simply by removing the two bolts holding the worn-out wear pad in place and slipping in the new pad. It should be noted that if you are replacing a seriously worn-out wear pad with a new one, your chain tension will get tighter because the new wear pad will be thicker.

(4) Installation. You don’t have to break the chain to install the TM Designworks Factory Edition FX chain guide. Just remove the wear-pad bolts and slide the FX guide onto your bike.

(5) Performance. You probably don’t think of a chain guide as a performance product, but you are wrong. Anything that creates drag on the chain diminishes horsepower. With most stock chain guides, which have an aluminum outer shell with a rubber slider, there is a significant amount of drag. TM Designworks’ special plastic formula eliminates most of the drag. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? You can buy cheaper chain guides, but they are cheaper in more ways than one. We prefer to spend the extra money on a quality product and not have to replace it at accelerated intervals.

MXA RATING: We trust TM Designworks, because MXA has a long history with TM Designworks going back to the 1970s when they were known as Crotch Rocket Factory (CRF) and made hot-rod CR125 hop-up parts. We have seen their evolution and know that their chain guides are the best.



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