Read my academic teaching philosophy here. As an assistant research professor at Penn State, I developed and taught a 300-level undergraduate course on Human-centered Design. You can download a draft of the syllabus here, which reflects the most recent running of the course in spring 2019. In addition, I co-developed a course proposal for a 100-level course that forms part of the core sequence in the College of IST’s new Human-Centered Design & Development (HCDD) program. As an assistant professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) I teach foundations of UX, a visual design course sequence, UI and interaction design courses, and a set of courses oriented towards writing and technical communication. These are project-based courses, many of which (I hope) will support community institutions and partners like libraries, local governments, and non-profit organizations.

I’ve received consistently positive feedback from students. These remarks were made during end-of-class surveys conducted by my institutions:

S1. “This course was AMAZING! I felt like the professor actually cared about what he was teaching, and taught in such a way that the students were challenged, and faced situations that they would face in the real world with a real job. I think this class was extremely beneficial to my learning here at PSU.”

S2. “The class discussions were incredibly helpful and I learned a lot from them.”

S3. “I really appreciated how different this class was.”

S4. “The professor helped relate material to real world situations and had a very friendly personality.”

S5. “Our design projects helped a lot. Also, the feedback given by the instructor was always clear and helped further my understanding of this course’s fundamentals.”

S6. “This was an awesome class!”

Resources You Can/Should Use in Your Own Class:

Please take a look through these resources. Some are made by others, and some are made by me. Feel free to re-use / modify whatever I’ve made to fit your own needs.

Recent Books: Teach Students How To Learn, Small Learning, Universal Methods of Design, Designing With The Mind In Mind

Lecture Slides: Typography Essentials (3), Research Through Design, Personas, Heuristic Evaluation

Sparks: Typography 1, Typography 2, Typography 3