Since joining Penn State as an Assistant Research Professor, I have developed and taught a 300-level undergraduate course on Human-centered Design. You can download a draft version of the syllabus here. In addition, I am currently developing a 100-level course that I will (hopefully) teach in the spring 2019. This new course is called Foundations of Human-Centered Informatics.

I’ve received consistently positive feedback from students who share the classroom with me. Here is a sample of student comments from my most recent student ratings of teaching effectiveness. These remarks were made during an end-of-semester survey (conducted by my department — not me) about my 300-level course:

S1. “This course was AMAZING! I felt like the professor actually cared about what he was teaching, and taught in such a way that the students were challenged, and faced situations that they would face in the real world with a real job. I think this class was extremely beneficial to my learning here at PSU.”

S2. “The class discussions were incredibly helpful and I learned a lot from them.”

S3. “I really appreciated how different this class was.”

S4. “The professor helped relate material to real world situations and had a very friendly personality.”

S5. “Our design projects helped a lot. Also, the feedback given by the instructor was always clear and helped further my understanding of this course’s fundamentals.”

S6. “This was an awesome class!”

Read about my teaching philosophy here. Some things I’m looking forward to working on next semester: teaching students how to set design problems, applying storytelling techniques throughout a design project (from receiving a brief to presenting a concept), and developing students’ design critique skills.