Intertextual Writer Project

I’m interested in ways reading and writing tools could be enhanced to better represent the transfer and interplay of knowledge between texts. My work on theory use, big questions, and citation function all orbit around this theme of knowledge transfer and interplay. The intertextual writer project is an effort to examine different ways of amplifying intertextuality into the writing process. It will focus primarily on how authors work with cited materials as they write and what sorts of tools might help enhance the act of citing (and thus engaging with) others. More details to come on this project later…

[Update 7.20.2017]¬†I’m thinking that it would be possible to use something like Zotero or Mendeley as a starting point here since I use both to manage reference material. For example, what would it take create an additional step in the Zotero citation process? Right now when I want to add a citation, I click the Zotero plug-in in Word and find the relevant text in my Zotero library. In some cases, Zotero stores (I think) a PDF of the text I want to cite.

So, what if when I find the relevant text, Zotero opens the PDF and I highlight a few lines of text that I want to link to the citation? Then, when I hover over the citation in my document a small text box appears containing the quoted text. This strengthens the tie between my writing and the cited material. And, of course, it’s not a necessary step. I can opt out of identifying relevant text and continue to produce ‘weak tie’ citations if I wish..

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