Technological Solutionism

Computer-supported interconnection
From ‘Machine Politics’ by Fred Turner in the most recent issue of Harper’s Magazine.

If computer-supported interconnection (CSI) will never *substitute* face-to-face negotiation, long-term collaboration, and the hard work of living together, then we ought to focus on how it might facilitate and support these activities? In my view, it’s unrealistic, and undesirable, to claim that computer-supported interconnections could be viable alternatives—substitutes—to face-to-face interactions with other people, long-enduring collaborative relationships, or facilitating the hard work of living together. The cost of trying to substitute CSI for these things could be high.

Read the original article, “Machine Politics,” by Fred Turner here. And for some related reading: this seems relevant to the discourse of technological solutionism (cf. To Save Everything Click Here).

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