Working Papers

I had a terrific opportunity last week to chat with faculty at a different university about my CV, and one of the things we discussed was how to account for works in progress on a CV. I’d been accounting for work that either (1) has a preprint available for download or (2) is under review but has no preprint as “working papers” at the beginning of my resume. I’d like to tell the story of where my research is going, in as much detail as possible, on my CV.

However, a possible risk of doing this is, frankly, taking credit for work that hasn’t been done yet. I get that. So, I’ve iterated on the “working papers” section and turned it into two sections: pre-prints and papers under review.

Pre-prints are first author papers (that might also be under review) that are available on SocArXiv. Papers under review are, for the most part, texts where I’m not the first author and lack the power to post a draft manuscript online. If I am first author on a paper under review, then the paper is listed in that section because the venue is double-blind, the review process is underway, and I’ve (probably) emailed the editor or conference chair and learned that posting preprints is forbidden or discouraged. However, I’d still be happy to provide a draft manuscript to curious readers via email.

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